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The Safirs Manager's internal information and management system has been tailor-made for Safirs, s.r.o. Safirs Manager is a clients' portal to the information system of Safirs, s.r.o., which provides clients with an overview of the activities performed for their company. The further development of the system is permanently ongoing in favor of optimizing internal processes and streamlining of management activities as well as of other employees.

The system can be installed for the customer separately. In this case, the system is enhanced with functionality optimized for its core business needs, which can make the system a major business information system. At that time, client`s data is recorded separately and the system can be configured and tailored to fit the needs and requirements of the clients.

Users are provided with these benefits:

  • anytime, anywhere available and accessable from the Internet at https://esafirs.sk after entering your log-in username and password,
  • separate installation with advanced features and tailored customization,optimized for mobile devices,
  • high security guarantee as it allows access only after login, different levels of authorization, network traffic is completely encrypted, secured protection against accidental data deletion, auditing changes, logs, and backups.

By using Safirs Manager system you will get:

  • an up-to-date overview of the status of services provided for your company anytime and anywhere,
  • the possibility of efficient planning,

  • reporting, controlling and performance evaluation,

  • different levels of access.

Built within Safirs Manager system, you can find features related to customer`s records and controls, employee tasks, activities, documentation, memos, vehicle management and operation, scaffolding, accident records, mandatory records, and so forth. This is just a fraction of the functionality that will timely notify you about the required inspections, checks, and the fulfilment of the stored tasks to prevent possible sanctions or inefficient costs incurred on corporate resources. The system also offers the capabilities for detailed reporting of registered tasks, customers and employees.

Safirs Manager is provided in the form of SaaS (software as a service) in 3 versions:

  1. passive access – read-only access to control information managed by Safirs, s.r.o. within esafirs.sk,
  2. active access - active data access managed by Safirs, s.r.o. with the ability to add, edit and import data (e.g. from MS Excel) within esafirs.sk,
  3. custom installation - separate application installation on your own domain, active data access with the ability to add, edit and import data (e.g. from MS Excel) and advanced custom configuration options.

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Users are provided with these benefits:


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