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Occupational Health Service (OHS) serves as a professional counsellor for employers in the field of occupational safety and health protection at work. The main objective is to maintain the long-term healthcare capability of workers and their productivity, to improve the quality of work environment and work factors.

Focus of OHS:

  • prevention of work-related illness,
  • reducing the incidence of occupational diseases,
  • improving of working conditions and the working environment in terms of their impact on the health of employees.

The main benefits of OHS services provided by Safirs, Ltd. is to reduce the number of workers categorised in the 3rd and 4th risk group in terms of health risks, improve employee performance and productivity, reduce employers' costs, reduce employees' fluctuations, increase employees' satisfaction with work and working conditions.


1. Supervision of work environment and working conditions:

  • identifying and assessing of health risks from chemical, physical, biological and other factors of work and the working environment,
  • ensuring of assessment of the individual factors of work and working conditions - assessment of exposure, ensuring of accredited measurement of individual factors of work, assessment of their impact on the health of employees,
  • elaboration / updating of risk assessments for individual factors of work and working environment,
  • development / updating of the operating instructions,
  • development / updating of internal directives - provision of staff water drinking regime, implementation of preventive medical examinations, traumatology plan, work with imaging units (x-rays), etc.,
  • submitting proposals for removal/reducing the risks arising from the nature of the work and / or factors of the working environment,
  • categorization of employee's work in terms of health risks,
  • co-operation with the employer in the provision of rehabilitation stays and work rehabilitation,
  • developing a list of mandatory and recommended content of medical cabinets at different workplaces, taking into account the prevailing factors of work and working environment,
  • providing training and professional seminars for employees in the field of safety and health promotion, provision of first aid services, submitting of educational materials.


2. Supervision of health of employees - provision of medical preventive examinations (MPE)

The assessment of employees' health fitness for work is done on the basis of an assessment of the health risk from exposure to the factor of work and the working environment and the results of the medical preventive examination in relation to the work.

Reasons for implementing the MPE are as follows:

  • assessing the employee's medical fitness for the job,
  • the identification of possible changes in the state of health of the employee in relation to the work performed,
  • detection of contraindications to the work performance.

In accordance with current legal regulations, we provide following MPEs:

  • entrance PME - before commencing the employment relationship,
  • periodic PME - in relation to work performance,
  • PME before changing the job position,
  • outgoing PME - at the end of the employment relationship,
  • at the end of the employment relationship, if the employee so requests,
  • for professions where PMEs are required by legislation (e.g. night-shift work, work at height, vehicle/truck drivers, etc.)
  • in case of health problems of employees,
  • extraordinary PME.

Based on an analysis of work type activity in an internal directive document, we define employers' obligations regarding the implementation of PME.

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We also provide OHS services without a contractual relationship, based on a request for quotation as follows:

  • ensuring assessment of physical load and local muscular ballast, handling of loads, elaboration of risk assessment and operational order for work with increased physical load of employees,
  • ensuring the assessment of mental stress at work, drawing up a risk assessment with a proposal for classifying work into categories,
  • elaboration of operational processes with risk assessments of the individual factors of work and working environment,
  • training of employees in the field of first-aid provision, prevention of work-related illnesses specifically for the factors the employees are exposed to.

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3. Education and training

Part of the Safirs, Ltd. OHS service portfolio is educational and educational activities - trainings, lectures, courses, seminars - focusing mainly on health safety at work, as well as issues of healthy lifestyle, prevention of civilization diseases and diseases of supportive and locomotors apparatus, ergonomics, first aid for the children, etc. The content and extent of education are fully adapted to the needs of the employer and its employees with regard to the type of work performed, the risk factors and the working environment.


4. Consultancy and co-operation

We are glad to provide to employers, employees and employee representatives advice on:

  • legislation - labour legislation, set requirements in terms of safety, support and development of public health and health and safety at work, we propose the implementation of legal norms into practice,
  • construction and technical layout solutions for work environment - including ergonomics, spatial layout of workplaces and jobs positions, catering / accommodation facilities, etc..; regarding the basic conditions of the working environment (ventilation, heating, lighting, drinking water supply, etc. related to the nature of work);
  • assessing the impact of technology and technological processes on employee health - possible proposals for measures to reduce their negative impact on health,
  • organization of work - alternation of work and rest, influence of the determined pace of work and the way of working on the health of employees,
  • reducing worker exposure to health-related factors - suggesting options for risk elimination / reduction of individual risks at workplaces - possibilities of technical, organizational and other solutions,
  • safety and health promotion, healthy lifestyle, and so on.

In case of the employer's interest, our OHS employees can participate at the inspections carried out by the state administration bodies, in objectivizing the factors of work and the working environment, in field-expert meetings and other.


5. Objectification of factors of work and working environment

The objectification of factors of work and the working environment is necessary for assessing the health risk of employees and categorizing of work. The basic obligations of the employer (Section 52 of the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 355/2007 Coll., as amended) include the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the health and the harmful environment factors that they use in their activities or which they create and whose use and the permissible values are regulated by special regulations.

Based on workplace inspection and audit surveys, we determine the factors of work and the working environment that need to be objectified. By agreement, we mediate the measurement of a given factor by an accredited company or an assessment of the given factor by expert judgment (e.g. biological factors, mental workload). On the basis of the protocol, we draw up a risk assessment.


6. Assessment of physical ballast at work

OHS unit will provide through its own employees an assessment of the physical load at work under the current legislation. According to the client's request, we also prepare risk assessments with the inclusion of work division into the categories, if necessary the operating order for work with increased physical load. The documentation also includes a proposal for measures needed to reduce physical stress and improve ergonomic conditions.

Evaluations are performed for each parameter of the total physical ballast:

  • heart rate measurement and calculation of energy expenditure to assess the demand of individual work activities,
  • assessing workplaces of employees based on video footage, performing ergonomic audits,
  • evaluation of manual handling of loads - determination of maximum weight of loads, calculation of full-weight of loads, preparation of risk assessment, comparison of values with legislation, recommendations,
  • measurement of push and pull forces by means of a digital strain gauge - measurement of staff' forces used for pushing, pulling of carts, moving racks, manipulators, etc. with the elaboration of a measurement report.

We evaluate each of the above mentioned physical load parameters individually or perform a complex measurement - it depends on the client's requirements, the nature of the work and the working conditions. Prior to measuring, we perform site visits with a recommendation to specifically measure certain physical load parameters.

Local muscle ballast (LMB) measurement

Supportive and loco-motor disorders of the upper limbs arising from work are among the most frequent occupational diseases and pose a serious problem with a considerable socio-economic impact on both the individuals and the employers. Diseases often relapse and lead to long-term incapacity and the quality of life of workers.

The most effective solution is timely and effective prevention. However, in order to be implemented, a rigorous assessment of occupational activity and the working environment from the point of view of health risks is needed to be done.

One of the most accurate methods of measuring the load of small muscles of the upper limbs (local muscular ballast) is measurement using integrated electromyography, which is based on the monitoring of electrophysiological potentials from stressed muscles during work shift.

OHS unit of Safirs, Ltd. has expert employees who evaluate LMB using this method by the device EMG Holter.

Our employees performing Local Muscle Ballast measurements have several years of experience, they have been performing measurements in various manufacturing and service sectors. Consultancy and suggestions for measures are advised directly at the workplace to specify the deficiencies identified and to eliminate them for the benefits of the employees.


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