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The company Safirs, Ltd., has expanded its portfolio of tightness testing services including non-destructive leakage testing. Water Act no. 364/2004 Coll. [1] Article 39, section (2) (d) requires, in all establishments containing dangerous substances, the inspection of their technical condition and the tightness test.

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Objects in need for tightness tests

  • storage tanks, e.g. trays (metal, laminate, plastic, enamelled, etc.) of petroleum products,
  • piping,
  • catching emergency boats, respectively catching emergency tanks,
  • waste water bins,
  • cesspools for storage of liquid fertilizers and silage juices,
  • home cesspools for family houses and recreational cabins (water proof or waterproofing test or cesspit test) that is required for an application for an calibration approval procedure,
  • domestic and industrial sewage treatment plants,
  • septic tanks,
  • fuel filling stations (fuel),
  • oil separators,
  • oil traps,
  • industrial floors,
  • handling areas, etc.

The company Safirs, Ltd., provides the following methods for carrying out tightness testing of tanks, pipes, emergency crashes tanks, collecting pits, ditches, industrial floors and the like:

  • integral overpressure tests of tanks (air to a maximum pressure of 50 kPa according to STN 753415),
  • integral pipe overpressure tests (according to STN 753415),
  • sewerage and sewerage tests (according to EN 1610 - air or water test),
  • localization welding tests using vacuum chambers (according to STN 753415),
  • localization welding test - capillary test PT (penetration testing according to STN 753415),
  • localization vacuum testing of objects by vacuum chambers (according to STN 753415),
  • sewerage and sewerage tests (according to EN 1610 - air or water test),
  • water tightness tests for emergency tanks, junks, and the like (according to STN 750905).
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